Vintage Cars back

The search for perfection combined with the seek to the best performance, the beginnings of aerodynamics in road use, the obsessive attention in the development of engines, but above all the passion of people like Dallara, Bizzarrini, Gandini, Bertone, Chiti, Zagato, Pininfarina , Scaglietti … were the basic ingredients for the construction of cars today considered real legends.

Cars essential, made with pure enthusiasm and few materials: iron, wood, leather, aluminum and magnesium. A note European magazine in the late ’60s called the Italian cars as the most provocative around the world … after Sophia Loren.

Today, with undeniable enthusiasm, the new commitment of Marvic is to restore security for the owners of these stunning cars. Combining the passion and extensive experience in the use of magnesium alloys, Marvic is the only company able to offer the appropriate wheels, ensuring the exclusivity and the prestige that these cars deserve.

The magnesium wheels for classic cars proposed by Marvic in the new product line named HRC Wheels (Historic Racing Car Wheels) are perfect replicas that can ensure reliability perfectly mixed with authenticity of aesthetics and materials: the wheels are produced on the basis of the original drawings of the time, with the same manufacturing process that was originally used, but with current materials and quality standards, worthy of the aviation industry.

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